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Nomad technology is a young IT company that provides hardware and software solutions for your business. Our clients are both small and large companies, but what unites them is the desire to develop. They need a reliable partner who knows their business, accompany them on the path to future success and grow.

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Nomad Technologies offers business oriented solutions. We guarantee excellent performance and fast delivery.

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Our wish is to provide comfort and convenience. Our contemporary thinking places our clients on the first place.


We can provide full optimization of your systems as well as care of your business software.








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    Technology, Business has the ambition to provide a self-service platform for managing all employees’ rewards and benefits programs by integrating our platform with the various rewards and benefits platforms and providing online access and control to employees, employers and benefit providers. is organizing all “employee rewards and benefits”, but we, view all people as “professionals” outside of the “employee-employer” paradigm. For us our individual users are our “professionals” and our corporate users are our “companies” where we will be trying every day to optimize and help this communication to be a two-way dialogue rather than one-way information flow!

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We provide hardware and software solutions for your business. Our expertise is what leads us further.

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